Western Canadian Theoretical Psychology


History and Background

The group began as an outgrowth of the University of Alberta's Centre for the Advanced Study of Theoretical Psychology in 1989, in part due to the development of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology in 1985 a group of theoretical psychologists from Western Canada decised to start their own organization (Smythe, 1998).

The WCTP group has met every year since 1989, at various locations around western Canada. Meetings are usually held in the fall (September or October), but for a few years they were held in May.

As stated by Smythe (1998) the format for the conference proceedings has been to have extended discussion following each paper presentation. Themes for each conference have also been identified prior to each meeting, where over the years such topics as Positivism, Education, Religion, and more recently Depth (in Culture) have ememerged.

Many of these have made their way to publications including these Volumes:

2004 Studies of How the Mind Publically Enfold into Being (Edited by William Smythe & Angelina Baydala)

1998 Toward a Psychology of Persons (Edited by William E. Smythe)

1993 Positivism in Psychology (Edited Charles Tolman)

2017 Prospective Volume on Depth in Culture (password protected - members only)

More detail on the History of WCTP can be found in these souces:

Mos, Kuiken & Smythe (1998) "Spirit of the West" History and Philosophy of Psychology Bulletin, 10, 3-12.

Smythe (1998) A Report on the Western Canadian Theoretical Psychologists (WCTP). History and Philosophy of Psychology Bulletin, 10, 13–14.

Smythe (2007) A Brief History of Canadian Theoetical Psychologists. Paper presented at the session "Theoretical, eh? Canada & Theoeretical Psychology: Retrospect/Prospect" at the 2007 International Society for Theoretical Psychology Convention, Toronto Ont. June 21, 2007


V ? (2019)

St Albert 2016, 2017; 2018

Victoria (2013, 2014, 2015)

St Albert (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)

Nanaimo (2005, 2006, 2007)

Edmonton (2003, 2004)

Lumsden (1999, 2000, 2001)

Banff (96-98)

Victoria 1992

Centre for Advance Study of Theoretical Psychology - Edmonton 1989

Present and Past Members

William Smythe,Leo Mos, Hank Stam, Don Kuiken, Charles Tolman, Anand Paranjpe, Tim Rogers, Sui Chow, Robert Burch, WIlliam Baker, John Conway, Linda McMullen, John Mills, Jack Martin, Marvin MacDonald, Christopher Peet, Angelina Baydala , Cor Baervelt, Randal Tonks , Brad Peikkola, Floyd Dunphy, Jeff Stepnisky, Jeff Sugarman, Theresa Zolner, Peter White, Kathleen Slaney, Basia Ellis, Coliln Bakker, Matthew Unger, Jaime WIlliams, Jim Creswell, Evan Shillabeer, Vickie Richard, Aaron Garcia, Wanda Power, Bruce Alexander, Nathan Foerger, Adam Dressler, Katy Hildebrand, Valery Chirkov, Chuck Lemry, Rachel Cooper, Stephanie MacKenzie, Iris Gordon, Donna Tafreshi, Kirby Maguire, Snjezana Huerta, Tim Racine, Jeff Hankey.

Other related associations:

Canadian Psychological Association (History & Philosophy of Psychology section)

International Society for Theoertical Psychology